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Territories & Comp Plans


Design fair and effective compensation plans while considering the most important factors that influence, incentivize, and retain sales reps. 

Key Topics:

  • The “war on talent” and current state of the sales job market 

  • The principles of compensation plan design and mechanics, as well as top challenges (e.g., complexity, types of incentivizing, and handling change)

  • Guidelines for effective territory planning and management

Core Skills:

  • Aligning sales quotas to different company initiatives

  • Evaluating the fairness of sales comp plans and quotas based on data

  • Identifying strategies to incentivize sales reps who are working with longer sales cycles


  • AJ Bruno | LinkedIn - AJ is the Founder and CEO of QuotaPath and has founded, built, and run the GTM methodology for sales, account management, and lead gen teams in a variety of organizations. 

  • Ryan Milligan | LinkedIn - Ryan is the Director of Revenue Operations at QuotaPath. He is a data scientist, performance marketer, and RevOps leader focused on building scalable processes for sales teams. 

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