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Sales and Marketing Alignment


Leverage a series of strategies to build alignment and collaborate with the sales team, including north star metrics, customer journey maps, and shared communication. 

Key Topics:

  • The relationships among sales, marketing, and product teams

  • Ways to encourage proximity to the sales team

  • The North Star Metric 

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Sales-Marketing alignment KPIs

Core Skills:

  • Aligning with sales on a customer journey map and the North Star Metric

  • Building a central Marketing/Sales dashboard to gain alignment on joint KPIs, including your north star metric

  • Presenting with sales at board an executive meetings, including having one shared section 

InstructorAndy Jolls LinkedIn - Andy is a 20+ year marketer who has spent the last several years in CMO roles. He is a full stack brand and performance marketer with experience spanning all company growth stages, from pre-revenue up to $600M.

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