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Product Marketing and Its Core Functions


Understand what product marketing is, where it fits into your growth strategy, and its core functions

Key Topics:

  • Understanding the Product Marketing Methodology

  • Discovering buyer pains, priorities, and potential product marketing fixes

  • Understanding product marketing fundamentals


  • Leanna Adeola | LinkedIn – Leanna Adeola is a Principal of Product Marketing and Brand Strategy at Innovatemap. With nearly 15 years of marketing experience, she doesn’t just establish brands; she amplifies them. Leanna guides Innovatemap’s product marketers with this vision so they can help clients identify and refine who they are and how they’ll reach the right audience.

  • Sara Croft | LinkedIn - Sara Croft is a Principal of Growth Marketing at InnovateMap. With her own forward-thinking and more than a decade of marketing experience, she crafts the strategies supporting growth and scaling within tech. 

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