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Product Marketing


Evaluate your product marketing strategy and align your launch project plans to the customer journey. Evaluate ways you are currently leveraging product marketing teams and resources. 

Key Topics:

  • Product marketing strategies to successfully launch new products or features

  • Reasons why product launches fail to reach ROI potential, and ways to navigate those challenges

  • Five steps to improving product, service, or feature launches

  • Product marketing resources and team structure

Core Skills:

  • Evaluating product launch strategies by understanding audience personas 

  • Targeting personas through product marketing to solve the problems they face

  • Creating a message house that serves as the single source of truth for your story

  • Using communication plans to drive consistency across internal teams

InstructorLauren Decker | LinkedIn - Lauren is a product marketing consultant with 10+ years of experience in product, brand, and product management at B2B high-growth B2B SaaS companies. 

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