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Pricing for Growth


Evaluate your current pricing strategy using a framework that involves growth strategy, product strategy, and value path.

Key Topics:

  • Frameworks for pricing, including the 5Q Pricing Framework and FITT Packaging Framework

  • Customer segmentation and offering value to the right buyers 

  • Packaging techniques in SaaS 

Core Skills:

  • Evaluating your current pricing strategy using the demonstrated frameworks, and considering growth, product, and value path 

  • Incorporating packaging techniques and strategies into your pricing 

  • Using the “why” behind your pricing strategy to set prices for specific buyers and a target audience

  • Reflecting on pricing ownership and roles within your organization

InstructorMarcos Rivera LinkedIn - Marcos is an author, speaker, investor, and entrepreneur with 20+ years of pricing expertise in SaaS. He has helped price more than 200 SaaS products and coached over 100 SaaS CEOs. He is the Founder and CEO of PRICING I/O. 

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