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Pipeline & Forecasting


Adopt a broader view of revenue beyond the sales function and evaluate whether your organization’s forecasting methods are robust and accurate. 

Key Topics:

  • The fundamentals of forecasting, including major benefits and challenges

  • Team roles and responsibilities related to forecasting

  • Driving an accurate forecast with relevant data and insights

Core Skills:

  • Reflecting on ways you can design a better forecast process using a set of guidelines 

  • Evaluating roles and responsibilities around forecasting within your team and/or at your organization

  • Identifying the pipeline and forecasting metrics and insights that matter most to your organization’s business goals 

InstructorRosalyn Santa Elena | LinkedIn - Rosalyn is the Founder and Chief Revenue Operations Officer of The RevOps Collective, an advisor for several high-growth startups, and an active leader in RevOps and GTM strategies. 

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