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Onboarding, Renewals, & Expansion


Use customer success strategies that strengthen your existing business.

Key Topics:

  • Durable growth and customer success as an organization-wide initiative 

  • The relationship between net retention and valuation

  • The beliefs and behaviors of existing customers, and the ideal client experience 

  • Proactive renewal management and renewal forecasting 

Core Skills:

  • Advocating for client experience factors that will drive durable growth at your organization (i.e., alignment between sales, customer success, and professional services)

  • Aligning business priorities to lagging metrics and leading metrics

  • Improving customer success with insights from customer journey mapping and user personas

InstructorEaston Taylor | LinkedIn - Easton brings significant enterprise customer success experience to share strategies related to building a durable growth business. He has frequently worked with Fortune 1000 companies with specific focus on maturing their customer success organizations.

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