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Marketing Tech and Operations


Optimize the use of marketing technology and operations to generate useful insights for your organization. The information in this session will help you evaluate your use of marketing automation and CRM tools, and create a seamless system of reporting and communicating with the sales team. 

Key Topics:

  • Marketing operations as a system of technology, people, and insights

  • Key considerations for selecting marketing automation tools that are most aligned with your business goals

Core Skills:

  • Articulating the purpose and function of your organization’s tech stack

  • Creating dashboards and communication methods that effectively empower the sales team and other stakeholders to use martech data

  • Using Expense ratios and marketing cost breakdowns to discuss (and advocate for) marketing investment with C-suite 

InstructorMallory Lee | LinkedIn - Mallory is a B2B sales marketer and consultant with more than 10 years of marketing operations experience. Most recently, she has focused on revenue operations, which has provided a broader view of business operations and marketing technology. 

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