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Marketing & Demand Gen


Develop the skills needed to advocate for highly aligned sales and marketing teams at your organization, and collaborate with different kinds of marketing teams to acquire and convert more leads. 

Key Topics:

  • Different models of B2B marketing (e.g. funnel, flywheel, etc.) 

  • The 4 P’s of product marketing 

  • Lead generation and demand generation programs and campaigns

Core Skills:

  • Collaborating with product marketing teams on the 4 P’s and ICP to build audience and community

  • Generating ideas and strategies for collaboration among various teams across the B2B marketing landscape, including lead/demand generation, web & digital, and growth marketing

InstructorTyler Lessard | LinkedIn - Tyler is the founder of the Sales Feed media network, which produces unique content for the sales community. He has held a variety of marketing leadership roles at technology and SaaS companies and is an active and strategic sales collaborator. 

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