Enterprise GTM School (OnDemand)

Managing CEO & Board Expectations


Develop the skills and characteristics that make a great enterprise GTM leader, and be able to plan to secure an executive leadership position. 

Key Topics:

  • GTM leadership qualities and characteristics

  • Communicating with CEOs, executive leaders, and Board members

  • Cohort analysis, pipeline coverage, and forecasting 

Core Skills:

  • Creating an effective candidate assignment or case presentation as part of an interview for a GTM leadership position

  • Building a sales culture as a GTM leader by establishing effective communication channels within your organization

  • Creating effective visuals and manage communication about GTM planning with Board members and other executives

  • Conducting cohort analyses for effective forecasting

InstructorCassie Young | LinkedIn - Cassie is a growth executive with an extensive background in SaaS who is currently working in venture capital, partnering closely with portfolio companies to help them build, scale and optimize their sales, marketing, and customer operations. 

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