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Making a Marketing Budget


Evaluate your ability to execute your marketing budget based on feasibility, staffing, and knowledge of risks. 

Key Topics:

  • The structure and features of a good marketing budget

  • Processes and strategies that CMOs use for budgeting 

Core Skills:

  • Creating and executing a marketing budget

  • Leveraging top-line budgeting rules, benchmark data, and modeling to improve your budget

  • Empowering your team to execute a budget that is aligned with your vision and strategy

  • Communicating the vision for your budget to your team and to other executives 

InstructorBrandon Young | LinkedIn - With 24 years of diverse experience in marketing, sales, product, and operations, Brandon has held roles in SaaS marketing, sales, and operations. He is experienced with large, cross-functional projects, market research, go-to-market strategies, and customer operations. 

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