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How Do Leaders Lead?


What it means to be an effective leader, different leadership styles, and when or how different approaches may be appropriate

Key Topics:

  • Review common leadership styles

  • Examine what it means to be a good leader

  • Dissect famous leaders and their styles

  • Identify your own inclinations as leaders

  • Develop a perspective on who you want to be

Joelle Kaufman | LinkedIn – Joelle Kaufman is a lifelong student and practitioner of intentional and effective leadership fascinated by the psychology of groups and the effectiveness of different leaders. The first graduate of the University of Michigan LS&A Honors College with a degree in Organizational Studies. After earning her MBA as a Baker Scholar at Harvard, Joelle spent 25 years designing, leading, and optimizing B2B Technology sales, marketing, and customer success teams for scale at companies including Firefly (Microsoft), RSA Security, Reactivity (Cisco), Adify (Cox), Bloomreach, Dynamic Signal (FirstUp), WorkBoard and now GTMFlow (her business).

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