CMO School (OnDemand)

How Building an Iconic Brand Boosts Demand Generation (Ask Me Anything)


Demand gen and brand-building advice delivered in an ask-me-anything format. 

Key Topics:

  • The relationship between brand awareness with demand gen

  • Principles and lessons for marketing leaders when navigating an economic downturn 

  • Attributes of different marketing channels and how they have changed over time

  • Marketing department structure and design

  • Free trials 

  • How to publish pricing on a company website 

  • Category design, launch, and communication 

  • Strategies for building up a corporate LinkedIn page

InstructorUdi Ledergor Linkedin - Udi Ledergor is a five-time Marketing leader at B2B start-ups. He is currently helping go-to-market teams close more deals and accelerate growth by capturing, understanding and acting on their most important asset – customer interactions. 

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