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Evaluating Different Forecasting Methodologies


Use and combine tactical models of forecasting as they apply to various revenue contexts to enable you to select the best forecasting methodologies for your organizations and create nuanced forecasts with numbers you can hit every time.

Key Topics:

  • New business methodologies: sales capacity modeling & waterfall methodology

  • Existing business methodologies: cohort analysis & baseline +

  • How to evaluate the relevance of data to increase the accuracy of your forecasts

Core Skills:

  • Using combinations of methodologies to nuance and validate forecasts

  • Managing expectations for revenue numbers through thorough forecasting

  • Advocating for appropriate resources to hit your revenue targets

Instructor: Stephanie Valenti | LinkedIn - Stephanie Valenti has served as CRO, COO, and SVP of Global Sales across her career. She has served as a chapter head and ambassador for Pavilion, has been named one of the top 100 most powerful women in sales, and has over 15 years of leading B2B sales in the United States and internationally. 

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