Enterprise GTM School (OnDemand)

Enterprise GTM Fundamentals


Articulate the learning framework and expectations of Enterprise GTM School and reflect on the areas of enterprise GTM strategy that are most relevant to your role and your organization.  

Key Topics:

  • Factors that differentiate enterprise sales from other sales frameworks and methodologies 

  • The five key areas of enterprise sales, including knowledge of stakeholders, dealing with longer cycles, piloting and POCs, implementation, and change management

  • The four pillars that comprise Enterprise GTM School framework (planprocesspipeline, and win & grow)

Core Skills:

  • Articulating why the concepts and skills covered in Enterprise GTM School are important to your growth


  • John Grispon | LinkedIn - John is an advisor and coach who helps B2B revenue teams increase revenue and build sustainable growth. He has advised teams at 20+ high growth startups, and held C-level and VP responsibility in multiple startups ranging from early stage (0-$10M) to expansion ($20-$50M).

  • Alex Katzman | LinkedIn - Alex is a go to market leader with 10+ years of experience building and scaling sales, customer success and business development teams in enterprise SaaS across the full startup cycle. He is passionate about moving our world to clean energy solutions with a focus on decarbonization.

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