CMO School (OnDemand)

Developing a Demand Gen Playbook and Forecasting


The seven categories within marketing strategy that will generate a repeatable, scalable pipeline that will impact the organization long-term. Leverage demand gen to add value to your organization. 

Key Topics:

  • Marketing strategies that impact the entire customer life cycle

  • The seven keys to a great marketing budget

  • Factors that influence the sales cycle

Core Skills:

  • Defining your demand gen outcomes such as revenue growth, target account efficiency, and opportunity cost

  • Calculating the ROI on your efforts using the seven keys to a great marketing budget, including asking for organizational goals up front, and gaining sales buy-in first

  • Creating a reporting structure based on the customer’s stage in the buying process

InstructorMatt Heinz | LinkedIn - As a consultant with more than 15 years of marketing, business development, and sales experience, Matt helps B2B companies of diverse industries and sizes drive predictable growth through revenue responsible marketing. Matt’s career has focused on delivering measurable results, such as greater sales, revenue growth, product success and customer loyalty.

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