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Channel Partners


Build a partner strategy at your organization by leveraging important partnership perspectives, such as business ecosystems and partner taxonomies, to reinforce a partner-centric culture at your organization. 

Key Topics:

  • Frameworks for designing a partner strategy and common questions to ask 

  • The purpose and benefits of partnerships

  • Business ecosystems and partner taxonomies 

Core Skills:

  • Defining and differentiate different kinds of key partnerships, including channel partnerships, referral partnerships, and alliances

  • Establishing the “why” for your company’s partnerships in order to enable top-down alignment to partner strategy 

  • Mapping your business ecosystem in order to build an understanding of an effective partnership strategy

  • Structuring a team to support your partnership strategy

InstructorRich Gardner | LinkedIn - Rich builds and leads ecosystem teams with revenue, marketing, and service components at early-stage, high-growth technology companies. 

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