Enterprise GTM School (OnDemand)

Building & Scaling the GTM Team


Develop the perspective to think critically about your enterprise GTM organizational structure and plan for new hires or changes to your team. 

Key Topics:

  • GTM organizational structure and leadership considerations

  • Key traits and characteristics in potential hires, and roles to focus on  

  • Hiring, onboarding, and training processes

Core Skills:

  • Using forecasts and budgets as a starting point for a hiring, onboarding, and team-building strategy

  • Building out or make changes to your enterprise GTM organizational team structure 

  • Addressing challenges related to team structure and leadership

InstructorAlex Katzman | LinkedIn - Alex is a go to market leader with 10+ years of experience building and scaling sales, customer success and business development teams in enterprise SaaS across the full startup cycle. He is passionate about moving our world to clean energy solutions with a focus on decarbonization.

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