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Alignment & Deployment of Your Forecast


Understand organizational expectations across the executive team and effectively roll out your forecast across the organization. This will support you in creating shared accountability for the forecast and motivating teams in that shared accountability. 

Key Topics:

  • Questions to ask that will align the executive team on forecast numbers

  • Situations that impact the forecast, and how to plan for contingencies while maintaining shared accountability

  • The importance of teams across the organization to view revenue as a “team sport”

Core Skills:

  • Using a diagnostic scorecard during hiring processes to create a well-rounded understanding of an organization and plan your first 90 days

  • Managing the forecast roll-out with the Change Curve and a 5-step change management process

Instructor: Stephanie Valenti | LinkedIn - Stephanie Valenti has served as CRO, COO, and SVP of Global Sales across her career. She has served as a chapter head and ambassador for Pavilion, has been named one of the top 100 most powerful women in sales, and has over 15 years of leading B2B sales in the United States and internationally.

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