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Intro to RevOps

This 4-session course is designed to provide an overview of the RevOps function and give you actionable insights into the core functions of a RevOps leader, including building a forecasting model, designing and implementing an operating cadence, creating a sales compensation plan that drives outcomes, and hiring top talent for your team.

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Rosalyn Santa Elena

Rosalyn Santa Elena, Instructor

Rosalyn Santa Elena brings 20+ years of Revenue Operations and leadership expertise to the conversation, having worked at large companies like Synopsys and Brocade, and more recently building and shaping Rev Ops from the ground up in start-ups. Her effervescent passion for Rev Ops is evident, and she knows that you must be intentional about creating a pathway for success.

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Course curriculum

Session 1:
Building a Winning Forecasting Model

  • Overcome challenges related to forecasting
  • Gain visibility to the insights that matter on your dashboard
  • Strengthen your forecasting process

Session 2:
Developing the Operating Cadence

  • Design and implement an operating cadence to scale the business
  • Leverage operating cadences to drive better outcomes

Session 3:
Driving Outcomes through Sales Compensation

  • Align your GTM objectives to maximize your sales compensation plan
  • Define the right components to drive desired behaviors in your team
  • Know what works and what doesn’t work when designing a  sales comp design

Session 4:
Track, Measure, and Improve

  • Structure a RevOps organization to optimize productivity
  • Identify the key roles and assign responsibilities of the RevOps team
  • Hire top talent that meets the necessary experience, expertise, and characteristics

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