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Executive Compensation and Negotiation Course

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This executive-focused course is designed to prepare today’s leaders for success in optimizing all aspects of compensation with prospective employers. By the end of our four-session program, attendees will better understand the personas at the opposite end of the negotiating table, their motivations and expectations, and how to steer conversations towards desirable outcomes.

The first three workshops will go in-depth on topics including understanding market value, navigating the personas involved, introducing and substantiating specific compensation asks, defending those asks with data, and unlocking the mystery of stock options and equity types. The final course will include live role-plays and mock negotiations with different hiring personas.


Leader Box Fred Mather

Fred Mather

Co-Founder, Advisewell

Leader Box Russ Mikowski

Russ Mikowski

Chief Revenue Officer, Sorbet


Calibrate for Success Based on your Market Value

Come up with a winning negotiation strategy that will land you at a tolerable risk vs reward profile and make accepting your next offer a no-brainer.

Cash Compensation and Benefits

Understand ourselves, some of our own characteristics and tendencies, and what that means for leadership now and as we aspire to be.

Equity Compensation (Including Stock Types)

Learn the specifics about these long-term incentives and understand how significantly the details of your award can impact the likelihood of realizing a payday. 

Role Plays, Tools, Resources, and Q&A

Review the Exec Comp Guide and tools/surveys/reports available in Pavilion, role-play negotiations, plus. Q+A.

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