Pavilion Chapter Head Overview

Pavilion is a private, international membership rooted in community-powered learning. We’re on a mission to create a world where every revenue leader and their team has the opportunity to unlock and achieve their professional potential through structured training in Pavilion University, moderated private communities, and amazing events.


What is a Chapter Head?

The Chapter Head role holds significant importance within the Pavilion organization, acting as a prominent representative of the local chapter community. These individuals bear the responsibility of overseeing and supporting their Members throughout their tenure as Chapter Heads.

The role itself encompasses a broad range of responsibilities, demanding adept problem-solving skills. Chapter Heads often juggle additional obligations, whether as high-growth company professionals or as caretakers of their own consulting practices.

Assuming the Chapter Head position offers a multitude of benefits. It presents an opportunity for personal brand development, allowing individuals to enhance their professional reputation both within and beyond the community. Moreover, Chapter Heads can also enjoy economic advantages by receiving a portion of the monthly Member dues generated through the recruitment of local Members.

As the chapter expands, Chapter Heads frequently transition from direct involvement in all aspects of community growth to the establishment of a Steering Committee. This committee comprises dedicated volunteers and contributors from the chapter, who assume various responsibilities to facilitate further development and engagement within the community.


The objective of the Chapter Head

To create a vibrant executive community of go-to-market operators in your respective markets and to help those executives achieve their career goals through engagement and participation in Pavilion Membership. Success of the Chapter Head program is measured through Chapter Revenue Growth, Increased NPS scores and Member Retention.


Specific Responsibilities

Recruit great new Members

Chapter Heads are responsible for leading the recruitment and development of their respective communities with an emphasis on recruiting high quality executives who are committed to engagement and participation.

This includes:

  • Identifying potential new candidates + Managing a Pipeline
  • Scheduling interviews, coffees, and phone calls with potential prospects to screen for quality and recruit into the Membership
  • The intangibles: you are a connector, a leader and someone who is passionate about Community. You know what is happening in the local area and you are great about “remembering the remarkable” about people.

Program Local Events

Our community convenes in a number of different ways including Salon Dinners, Summits, virtually, and through our PavilionX program. While Salon Dinners and Summits are planned and executed by the Pavilion HQ staff, Chapter Heads are expected to help keep the momentum, culture and spirit of the local chapter alive by helping organize virtual and PavilionX programs.

  • Depending on the size of the Chapter, creating a consistent cadence for local meetups
  • PavilionX events will adhere to the guidelines of the program
  • As dues are not significant enough to cover the costs of all events, we urge Chapter Heads to obtain sponsorship from local partnerships. 
  • As Chapters become larger, a budget may be provided to operate events from

Welcome new Members

Our best Chapter Heads get to know each new Member into their community even when they did not recruit them. An example of this would be a personalized email, a video welcome, a scheduled call or LinkedIn Announcements. As a part of the standard member onboarding process, the Member Experience (MX) team will handoff new members to Chapter Heads


Engage dormant Members

Our community thrives when our Members are engaged and participating. To that end, while Pavilion invests in global MX, we also expect our Chapter Heads to monitor the engagement of their local Membership and ensure that their communities are actively engaged. The MX team will alert the Chapter Heads when a member is beginning to show signs of decreased activity.


Lead by example through participation - Have the Contributor’s Mindset

Chapter Heads must actively engage in our virtual community and lead through example. This particularly means engagement in our Slack community, helping answer questions, and provide insight to our global Membership. The Chapter Head demonstrates the “give to get” mentality - one that is focused on deposits over withdrawals and being mindful of how to help others.


Serve as a Product Expert of Pavilion

Chapter Heads must fully understand how to use and navigate the various tools within Pavilion (Slack, Guru, Docebo, Pavilion Digital, etc). Chapter Heads will also have extensive knowledge about Pavilion University and the courses we are currently running and what we have coming up, as well as information about current/upcoming events and Pavilion Digital releases.


Weekly email update to your city-specific Members

Maintaining an active dialogue with the community is an important component of the Chapter Head’s responsibilities. As such, Chapter Heads are expected to send a weekly email to their chapter to keep them abreast on new activities, events, Members, and other items of importance. General content will be provided by PavilionHQ, but local news and specific Chapter updates will be provided by the Chapter Head.

We will provide every official Chapter Head with a Pavilion email address and we ask that you email your group from this email address.


Serving as strategic BD person in your region

Chapter Heads are often in unique positions to help Pavilion develop new strategic partnerships with key partners in each region. These partners include investors, service providers, search firms, and potential sponsors.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • You'll look for opportunities especially with recruiters to help aggregate executive search listings for the benefit of our Membership.
  • You'll develop other key partnerships as appropriate.

An ongoing career resource, agent, concierge, and friend to your Members

Finally, and in accordance with the mission of Pavilion, perhaps the most important requirement of a Chapter Head is to be a service provider back to your Members. This may include a wide range of seemingly unscalable activities. We are here, as the community is globally, to help each other succeed.

We can’t ever forget this mission. We are here to help.


What you’ll do


  • Send out Chapter Newsletter to highlight:
    • New Members
    • Upcoming Events/Pavilion University Courses/other products and offerings from Pavilion HQ
    • Local News Member milestones/celebrations
  • Welcome new members via email and LinkedIn
  • Have calls/otherwise contact members that are potentially churning
  • Work to create continued engagement in Chapter Slack Channels


  • Review Chapter Hub to stay on top of key metrics 
  • Schedule calls with internal Chapter leadership team if applicable
  • Host PavilionX event (depending on size of Chapter)
  • Attend Monthly Chapter Head meetings to meet other Chapter Heads, discuss best practices, stay on top of important Pavilion news/changes
  • Run campaigns to acquire new Members and hit growth goals


  • Meet with Chapter Operations (PavilionHQ staff) for business review
  • Host PavilionX event (based on size of Chapter)


  • Schedule check in with Chapter Management staff for a formal business review

As Needed

  • Develop Functional (Marketing, Sales, CS, Ops, etc) and Social (BIPOC, etc) committees to create specific and inclusive events for the broader community
  • Provide ongoing feedback to relevant contacts at PavilionHQ

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