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Using the Principles of Sales Engagement

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While an average SDR tenure is 18 months, most approach the job as extremely short term. Book More Meetings Using the Principles of Sales Engagement with Stephen Farnsworth is a deep dive into efficiently and effectively approaching your accounts to break through the noise.

Learn how to play the long game to consistently increase quota attainment by internalizing strategies and tactics for account research, prospecting, and outbound pipeline management (it’s not just for closers). According to Gartner, 87% of sales development organizations use sales engagement platforms (SEP), and 92% ranking it as critical to success. Stephen will share advice on how to use the principles of SEP (whether or not you use SEP today) to put your learnings into practice.


Stephen Farnsworth started his career in corporate strategy, then took a big bet on what was then a tiny startup called Outreach to be one of their first SDRs. After becoming Outreach’s top SDR, Stephen managed the Outreach SDR team from 8 to 40 SDRs. He later transitioned to lead Outreach’s partnership efforts, building and training a network of consultants to onboard and consult Outreach clients. He now leads the RevOps business unit at Enterprise Automation company Workato, and separately provides consulting and advisory services to companies looking to uplevel their sales development efforts.

Stephen was core in building Outreach’s own world-class sales development team, to the development of the Outreach product, and to the building of sales engagement as a category. He’s since consulted for companies in many industries, including healthcare, technology/software, agencies/professional services, memberships, insurance, and travel.


The Core Principles of Sales Engagement

Learn the basics of Sales Engagement Platforms to ensure no prospect ever slips through the cracks, leading to more booked meetings

Research Strategies to Master Before Contacting Prospects

Learn how to effectively research your accounts and prospects to break through the noise with powerful messages

Using Sales Engagement to Play the Long Game

Learn strategies that will pave the way for you to become more effective the longer you’re in the SDR role

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