Pavilion Associate Chapter Lead overview

Pavilion is a private, international membership rooted in community-powered learning. We’re on a mission to create a world where every revenue leader and their team has the opportunity to unlock and achieve their professional potential through structured training in Pavilion University, moderated private communities, and amazing events.


What is an Associate Chapter Lead?

The Associate Chapter Lead is a prominent representative of the Associate membership within the broader local Pavilion Chapter. They are responsible for overseeing and supporting their Members throughout a Member’s Journey.

Assuming the Associate Chapter Lead position presents opportunities for personal brand development, the deepest networking available at Pavilion, and the chance to be an official representative of the premier GTM professional development community.

The Associate Chapter Lead is an unpaid/voluntary position and will work closely with the Chapter Head and the Steering Committee of the local Chapter, advocating and promoting the needs of the Associate Membership. From a benefits perspective, the Associate Chapter Lead will receive 50% off their current membership.


The Objective of the Associate Chapter Lead

Help Associate members achieve their career goals through engagement and participation in Pavilion Membership. The success of the Chapter program is measured through Chapter Revenue Growth, NPS scores, and Member Retention.


Specific Responsibilities

  • Acting as the representative of the Associate Membership
  • The intangibles: you are a connector, a leader, and someone passionate about Community. You know what is happening in the local area and you are great about “remembering the remarkable” about people.

Program Local Events

Associate Chapter Leads are expected to help keep the momentum, culture, and spirit of the local chapter alive by organizing a minimum of one in-person event per quarter for the Associate Community.

Communicate with Members across Their Member Journey

As members join, approach renewal, request Churn, submit feedback, or show signs of disengagement, the Associate Chapter Lead will reach out and act as a touchpoint for their member journey.


Serve as a Product Expert for Pavilion

Associate Chapter Leads must fully understand how to use and navigate the various tools within Pavilion (Slack, Guru, Docebo, member hub, etc) and where to go to find help if necessary. Associate Chapter Leads will also have extensive knowledge about Pavilion University courses we are currently running and what we have coming up, as well as information about current/upcoming events.


What you’ll do

Daily / Weekly

  • Communicate with active members in your chapter


  • Review Chapter Hub to stay on top of key metrics


  • Host in-person Chapter meeting


  • Attend calls with the internal Chapter leadership team if applicable
  • Provide ongoing feedback to relevant contacts at PavilionHQ

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