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Revenue Growth Architecture School

New launches every month | Virtual | Hosted by Winning by Design

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The Revenue Growth Architecture Course is provided for FREE by Winning by Design to all Executive and Associate Pavilion Members. To enroll, please REGISTER HERE using your Pavilion-exclusive access found here*.

In a modern recurring revenue business, it is impossible to scale without treating growth as a science. This course teaches how to architect your revenue in order to achieve sustainable growth. This course is great for Sales, Marketing, and CS executive leadership (CROs, VPs), Directors and Managers in Sales, Marketing, CS Senior Account Executives who are looking ahead to leadership roles.

New Revenue Growth Architecture Schools launch every month, consisting of five live sessions held over the course of two weeks. For more information on specific dates and times, please click on the link above.


Dive deep into the scientific models that drive revenue in today’s fastest-growing organizations, and become an expert in how to apply them to your business. Courses include live trainer-led sessions, complemented by a learning management platform to access frameworks, videos, blueprints, and a final certification exam.

The First Principles of Recurring Revenue

The first principles of recurring revenue in B2B, how to think about optimizing your customer journey around impact, and the principles of customer-led growth.  

The Recurring Revenue Operating Model

This session covers the elements of the Recurring Revenue Operating Model, as well as how to apply the Bowtie framework across all revenue functions.

The GTM Operating Model

Learn how to think about the different types of GTMs across Marketing, Sales, and CS, and how to select the  right model for your business based on a few key factors.

SPICED: A Diagnostic Approach

Learn about the customer-centric methodology called SPICED, which helps your team focus on the Impact that customers are looking to achieve.

Scaling Model

Identify the key Moments That Matter across the customer journey, and we show how you can start to apply the Recurring Revenue Operating Model to your business in order to optimize those key moments.

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