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17.5% Discount on Electric

To claim: Email partnerships@electric.ai and

mention Pavilion community to receive discount

10% off any service

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Platinum Partner Offers

Free 1 Hour Consultation
Email Cliff Simon at cliff@carabinergroup.com to claim offer

Complimentary Solutions for Pavilion Members
To claim: email albert@infusemedia.com

20% off current list pricing

To claim: email nausheen.ahmad@loopio.com

10% off*

*10% off list price, not to be combined with other offers.

Claim: Email Elle Barks – elle.barks@outreach.io

Free 30-Day Trial

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20% off a Pro or SMB Regie.ai plan

Write sales sequences in minutes and personalized prospect emails in seconds using our enterprise-grade Generative AI Platform.

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Redeem a 15% Discount

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Sales Software

Free Access: Rep Tenure and Performance vs. Manager Time Dashboard

Understand the opportunity to shift frontline managers to higher-yielding activities with new hires and core performers at the top of the funnel.

Claim: Email Jonathan Palay – jonathan@commercialtribe.co

First 90 days free and personalized onboarding

To claim: Email sales@concordnow.com

2 months free with dedicated customer success

To claim: email breezy@getcorrelated.com or click here & mention Pavilion

10 free introductions to your target prospects

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2 Months Free on Annual Agreement

To claim: email Seb Butt – seb@craft.co

Free Onboarding*

*worth up to £2000

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15% off Sales & Marketing Services

To claim: email carly@ellespark.com

25% discount on annual membership

Contact Alper Yurder at alper@flowla.com to claim offer

20% off your first contract term
and special pricing for scale-ups
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3 free closed/lost or churned buyer interviews

We’re offering 3 thirty minute exit interviews with late stage lost prospects or churned clients of yours. We’re a win/loss company helping companies understand why they win, lose and/or retain customers. These insights help our customers understand buyer perception of competition, products, processes, and how decisions have been made.

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Free 30 minute GTM consultation for APAC market

To claim the perk, send an email to viktor.kyosev@greenhouse.co and mention Pavilion

10% off rev ops consulting

2 months free

Click here to claim offer (no code needed). Contact Quirijn Kleppe quirijnkleppe@gmail.com with any questions.

15% off of LeadPilot’s prospect and scheduling automation.

To claim: email malachy@leadpilot.com


First completed sales demo free and 25% off any plan 

Pavilion members can create a free LeadrPro profile and get exposure to 50k+ enterprise level prospects. If a prospect is interested in your solution, they’ll submit a demo request and provide some available dates/times. Get your first completed demo 100% free, with zero risk, commitment or obligation.
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First three months free introductions

*Introductions made to key decision makers at target prospects

Email Andres andres.robles@levelcompany.com

10% off Pipeline Generation Services

Submit inquiry on www.operatix.net or email catarina.hoch@operatix.net

20% off annual SaaS subscription

Free Sales Funnel Assessment (online)
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25% off annual plan for PlaceRLM and PlaceCPM
To claim: email brandon@placetechnology.com

SDR/BDR recruitment for $650 per month (35% off)

We ramp your SDR for you with a 2 week intensive training program and provide daily in-person training for a year (30m per day) which includes call reviews, activity reviews general SDR manager functions. 12-month warrantee on placements.

Total annual fee $7800 per rep paid monthly. (*Price only valid for Pavilion members)

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Free Trial for up to 5 Users!

Generate more pipeline by automating referrals and warm introductions to customers.

Book a demo with Joel Rodriguez to claim offer – here.

2 months free*

*On annual agreement

To claim: email Sean O’Connor – soconnor@rocketdocs.com


Unlock the power of relationships to gain access to your target prospects

5 Free Requester Seats, Unlimited Connector Seats

Email to claim offer

20% off of Lead Generation / B2B Human-Curated Research for 3 months

20% off Winmo Advance
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120 days free for Pavilion Community Members

The AI-Powered Executive Assistant: Get an AI executive assistant and 8 hours extra every week. Just ask Xena to schedule, reschedule, take notes, or block time for a task. Everything else happens automatically.

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Marketing and Other Software

10% off Digital Product Management Training

To claim: email mira@280group.com

15% off any annual Airmeet Plan
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10% off a Brand Advisory Collective or Focus Group

Email Al Torres at al@brandinnovatorslabs.com to claim offer

50% off first three months

To claim: Click here to book time or email rob@bryq.com

6 free months of Clay Pro

To claim: Create an account here. Then, email wesley@clay.earth to let him know you created an account.

10% off your content writing service subscription

Starts at $999/month

Email Nicole MacLean at nicole@compose.ly to claim offer

15% off any service

Claim: Email Hendrik Siemes – Hendrik.Siemes@d-velop.de

Free Pricing Consultation Session & 2 Months free

To claim: email Andy Jolls at ajolls@fastspring.com

20% off Growth Platform Software

To claim: email jring@globalshares.com mention promo code GSJR21

3 months free

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Extended free use of Keye for 90 days + special pricing thereafter

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25% off Community Event Platform

To claim: Email Jason Finney – jason@localist.com

Pavilion members $100 off their “Piloting AI for Marketers” Series!
Piloting AI for Marketers is a series of on-demand courses designed as a step-by-step learning path for beginners at all levels, from interns to CMOs.
Registration Includes:
  • 17 on-demand courses (~8 hours of learning)
  • Product demos
  • Course quizzes and final exam
  • Slide decks, templates and related course materials
  • Exclusive look at theInstitute AI roadmap
  • Professional Certificate upon completion

10% of MarketMuse Premium

To claim: email marcos@marketmuse.com

referencing the Pavilion offer

25 hours free when you buy one of our hourly packages

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3 months free*

*Offer valid only for Members in the UK and Europe

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4 months free media monitoring

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Talent and Management

Exclusive discount for individual users

and free trial period for companies

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Free to use for interviews

Create question-and-answer guides. Leverage AI/Automation for note-taking. Use analytics to learn from your interviews.

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Placement Fee of 15% for Pavilion Members  (Regularly 20%)

Email Adam Tully to claim offer

10% off 1st year contract

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Mention “Pavilion”

50% Off Premium Executive Leadership Newsletter (Forever)

6 Months Free for all OTB Community Members

25% off all Retained and Hourly Consulting Services

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*10% off list price (first year)

not to be combined with other offers

To claim: email Mustafa m.tapan@trengo.com

Financial Services

Waived $500 Onboarding fee

For any Pavilion member employer who brings their 401(k) to Betterment. Contact support@betterment.com for more information.

Up to 12 months free

Get six months free for initial deposits less than $50,000 or one year free for deposits greater than $50,000, after which all fees revert to original pricing of 0.25% annual fee.

To claim, reach out to support@betterment.com and show proof of Pavillion membership, like a recent invoice. Offer available only to new Betterment customers.

Get expedited access to Compound
Compound can help you track all of your assets (cash, equity, crypto, angel investments, etc), make a plan (should you invest in alternative assets or buy a house?), and implement it (by filing your taxes, securing a mortgage, getting liquidity, etc).

To claim, click here to request access.  Just enter “pavilion” as your invite code. You can also send them an email directly to access@withcompound.com

Consulting and Training

20% off GTM Assessment*

*Valid for first 5 companies to claim offer.

Claim: Email to MJ Patent – mj@alveomarketing.com or click here

2-Hour Deep Dive Business Assessment w/ Senior Advisor FREE

To claim: email jesse@cultivateadvisors.com

FREE High Performance strategy session & $2000 tuition scholarship*

*Scholarship awarded if your application is successful.

To claim: email mark.flynn@fiit4growth.com

Discounted health check

To claim: email kerry.bowden@motivsolutions.com

$500 off 2 Day Process Communication Model Leadership Training

Two-day training, plus personalized profile for just $500 (regularly $1200). Offer valid until June 2023.

Process Communication Model is the premier tool for decoding human interactions. Developed by world-renowned clinical psychologists in collaboration with NASA, it helps us adapt our communication and predict stress behaviors to better motivate our team.

Email Stephanie Baron at stephanie.baron@kahlercommunications.com to claim offer

40% off on Zuddl Webinars!

We are offering eligible startups up to 40% on the Zuddl Webinars which is now available as a self-serve product.

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Health and Lifestyle

$4 off on 120 professional corporate headshots with Bettershot

Get 120 stunning headshots using AI from just a handful of photos!

Visit bettershot.ai and use the code PAVILION at checkout

Free for exec members in return for feedback! Discount for your team(s)

Mental health therapy & counseling apps: Grief Works, Anxiety Solution, Lost Connections (Depression), Self Compassion

Contact Paul Morton at paul.morton@psyt.co.uk to claim offer

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Develop your career alongside a powerful network of peers and enable your team to reach new heights

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