Associate Program Member Application

A program for the next generation of leaders and operators, the Pavilion Associate program is a professional development community that provides structured education, networking, and mentoring to top performers in growth companies.

By joining the Associate program, Associate Members have access to a unique set of relationships and resources to accelerate their career development and increase their trajectory to senior leadership positions and beyond.

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Areas of Interest

Part of ensuring Pavilion is useful involves matching you to your areas of interest.

While we have many sub-communities within Pavilion, we like new Members to get acclimated to our community through an introduction to a small subset of our discussions and expand as they feel comfortable.

Associate Membership

An engaged community is our greatest asset. We're looking for active members interested in giving as much as they take.

We offer several flexible ways to both learn and share your expertise with the community, including opening up your contacts to refer new members, actively participating in our robust communication channels, and/or attending our events.

Please tell us more about how this commitment to engage aligns with your goals.

Application Process

Next steps include a more in depth discussion and interview with a member of our Nominations Committee.

From there, we'll make a formal decision.

Due to high levels of interest from new Associate applicants and our desire to grow the group in a controlled way, we limit the number of new members who join each month. This means that every application accepted is only held for 2 days before being offered to another new member. We also use this requirement to confirm intent, enthusiasm, and ability to engage.

Once completed, you'll gain immediate access to our global community and join the conversation.

After submitting your application, you will be prompted to schedule an interview with our Enrollment team.