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Pavilion is fueled by an international community of sales, marketing, success, and RevOps leaders from the world’s fastest growing companies. Together, we teach new skills, forge meaningful connections, and help our companies grow.

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Our Immersive Learning Framework is the only enablement solution led by best-in-class instructors that combines structured training and community-powered learning.

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Upcoming Pavilion University Courses

  • Using Stories To Sell In An Economic Downturn

    Learn how to build trust, stand out, and be memorable using the power of storytelling including crafting a 90-second customer success story with high conversion rates.

    Course begins: November 2, 2022

    Applications due: October 20, 2022

  • Advanced RevOps

    Gain actionable insights into the core functions of RevOps leadership including leading GTM strategy and planning, building a GTM/revops playbook, and more.

    Course begins: November 8, 2022

    Applications due: October 27, 2022

  • CORE Career Enablement for Executives

    Learn how to improve your quality of life by keeping your career interesting and relevant through optimizing the four stages of the CORE framework: Clarity, Opportunity, Realization, and Empowerment.

    Course begins: November 1, 2022

    Applications due: October 20, 2022


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Pavilion for Teams is here to fix it

A Pavilion For Teams membership is the essential professional development solution that helps companies increase revenue, improve employee retention, and boost revenue team readiness.

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  • “I took advantage of Pavilion for Teams so that my entire Sales org could join classes like Frontline Manager School and Sales School. After just a few months, it’s already helping us build pipeline [and]  improve core skills.”

    Chris Feroli
    VP of Sales at Dynamic Yield

  • “I’ve been a Pavilion Member for a long time. Pavilion helped get me to the CEO role and now Pavilion is helping ensure I can lead my company in the best way possible.”

    Stephanie Cox
    CEO at Lumavate

  • “Pavilion acts as my extended team, always super quick to help when I have a question, loving the materials provided, and the membership is worth every penny!”

    Kieran Blay
    Account Director at Oracle

  • “It’s been the best thing I’ve ever done with my professional career. The Revenue Growth Architecture course through Winning By Design and CRO School have been literal game-changers for me.”

    Cliff Simon
    CRO at Carabiner Group

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